CFO Services

Accelerate your growth with expert CFO support from accurate budgets to high-impact financial strategies.


Why Fractional CFO

One of the primary responsibilities of an outsourced CFO is to provide objective, unbiased advice related to your company’s finances .

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Founder Dependency

Business owners build a business around them not for them. Our approach involves the development of systems and financial procedures aimed at transitioning founders from their hands-on operational roles to more strategic oversight positions.

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Optimize your financial operations and direct your attention to core business activities, while we concentrate on enhancing your business's growth and ensuring its lasting success. Whether it's increasing EBITA, preparing for an exit, or expanding, a Fractional partner can guide you on this journey.

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Outsourcing CFO services eliminates the need to hire a full-time, in-house CFO, which can be costly. With a CFO-for-hire, you only pay for the time and services you need.


Strategic Advisory

Get the part-time CFO you need to grow your business. From building financial strategies to building budgets, managing cash flow, and raising capital—you’ll feel like you have a full-time CFO without the in-house price tag.

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Strategic Advisory

Collaborate with the executive team to align financial strategy with overall business goals. Develop financial strategies to support growth, expansion, or cost containment. Evaluate investment opportunities and assess their financial feasibility. Provide risk assessment and mitigation strategies. Finally, receive guidance on mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures.

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Financial Modeling

Our financial modeling solutions are designed to help you make informed decisions and plan for the future. We use advanced modeling techniques to analyze your financial data and provide detailed insights into your business performance, helping you identify opportunities for growth and improvement in real-time.

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Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)

Develop and maintain financial models to forecast revenue, expenses, and cash flow. Understand financial data and gain insights into your financial health. Receive budgeting and forecasting processes to guide decision-making. Evaluate the financial impact of various business initiatives and strategies.

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Risk & Opportunity Analysis

Identify and evaluate potential risks that could impact your financial stability. This includes market fluctuations, regulatory changes, operational challenges, and more. Leveraging financial acumen and industry knowledge, our CFOs uncover growth opportunities that align with your business goals. This may involve market expansion, cost optimization, revenue enhancement, or strategic partnerships.

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Cash Flow Management

We provide key financial metrics and KPIs for management and stakeholders based on business cash flow preformance. Assist in compliance with accounting standards and regulatory requirements. Finally, we offer insights into financial trends and variances for informed decision-making.

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Long-term Financial Planning

We assist in crafting a robust financial roadmap that aligns with your long-term vision, ensuring your organization is well-prepared for future opportunities and challenges within your business, franchise obligations, or new investment endeavors.


All-in-one View

Comprehensive platform for businesses to manage and analyze their data, making it easy to gain insights and make informed decisions.

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Financial Performance

Key financial metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that provide an at-a-glance overview of the company's financial health.Metrics such as revenue, expenses, gross margin, net profit, cash flow, and working capital. It enables your executive team and stakeholders to assess the current financial state and make informed decisions.

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Budget vs. Actual Analysis

Compare your company's budgeted financial projections with actual financial performance. It highlights variances between projected and actual revenues, expenses, and profits. Variance analysis helps identify areas where the business is performing as expected and where it may need corrective action. It aids in financial planning, ensuring that the company stays on track to achieve its financial goals.

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Profitability Analysis by Product/Service Line

Identify which products or services are the most and least profitable. By analyzing revenue, cost of goods sold, and associated expenses for each product or service, it offers insights into where the business should allocate resources and where potential improvements can be made. This analysis assists in strategic decision-making regarding product/service expansion, pricing adjustments, or discontinuation of underperforming offerings.

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